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Recreation of Complete Turmeric Matrix with active Curcuminoids –
The basis of 4000 years old Traditional Ayurveda

The Company - Aurea Biolabs

Aurea Biolabs is a Plant Lipids Company which is one of the largest producers of Spice extracts, Colours and Spices with an operation spanning 35 years. We are a global company with 6 manufacturing plants and sales in over 85 countries. Our new venture, Aurea Biolabs which started in 2013 is focused on Nutraceutical products backed by true science and our expertise on selection, extraction and knowledge of the Plants. Aurea Biolabs has a strong pipeline of nutraceutical application driven products in various phases of R&D

Bioavailable Curcumin in Natural Matrix Concept

Curcumin is the principal component of the Indian spice, turmeric (Curcuma longa), member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Extensive research is currently focused on Curcumin as a potential novel drug for near future to control various diseases including inflammatory disorders, carcinogenesis, Alzheimer’s disease and oxidative stress-induced pathogenesis

What is Cureit?

Cureit is one of our first products which has received lots of attention and accolade. Cureit is 10x more bio-efficient compared to normal curcumin. The product as well the process (PNS technology) is patented and this is the only curcumin extract which has the full turmeric matrix. We can offer Cureit both in powder as well as granule form. Unique formulation that preserves the Complete Natural Matrix of Turmeric with high Curcumin Content (50%) Achieves 10 fold increase in bioavailability and provides assured functional benefits.

Cureit Capsules

Devoid of Piperine, Nanoparticles, Liposomes, Micelles, Phospholipid complexes and Structural analogues. PNS technology facilitates the smooth penetration into intestinal/target tissue’s polar non-polar cell walls. Cureit offers not only curcuminoids, it offers turmerin a 5-kd-peptide, 5 sesquiterpenes, 4 acidic polysaccharides, 2.6% soluble dietary fiber (sdf) from turmeric that’s why it is therapeutic effective and highly bio-available.

Cureit PNS Technology

Product Features

  • Unique formulation that preserves the natural matrix of Turmeric with high Curcumin content
  • 10 fold increase in bioavailability of curcuminoids thereby providing superior pharmacological benefits
  • Constituent I : Curcuminoids Curcuminoids extract from Turmeric in basically three forms Curcumin1 (Curcumin); Curcumin II (DemethoxyCurcumin); Curcumin III (Bisdemethoxy Curcumin) Constituent II : Turmerin, Proteins, Fibre, Minerals and Carbohydrates - water extraction from Turmeric. Constituent III : Essential Oil of Turmeric. Composition of essential oils of Curcuma longa

Composition of Turmeric

cureit chart

Our capabilities of conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies, in addition to world class laboratories and scientists, drive research and development of new products for custom requirements. Know more about our custom R & D services.